19 Secret Minecraft Features You’ll Use Right Away

10 Jan 2021
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19 Secret Minecraft Features You’ll Use Right Away! Minecraft doesn't tell you much about what to do in the game, so sometimes the best features can pass you by. In that case, let's go over some of the best 'hidden' or untold features in Minecraft 1.16 that you'll start using right away. From the sneaky F3 debug commands to the fastest way to grow your crops and more, let's see what features exist in minecraft that you maybe didn't know about in this Skip the Tutorial minecraft list video!
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How to Properly Use an Anvil and Apply more than 30 Enchantments to an Item.

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  • dod the stick didnt work the command stick

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  • There's a hidden block in minecraft. It's called an "Allow" it sounds like "allow me to do this" but it's just called an Allow. Do /give @s allow. It's a really strange block and I see that is has no purpose. Unless someone finds a reason or a use for that block..

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  • Yes straight line crops are a real thing my grandpa uses the straight line crops

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  • 5:00 you see the power of slav and russia will help you everytime you squat.

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  • 4:51 its been like that for a while now skip i found this while i was playing survival in 1.8 4 years ago.

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  • How do you copy stuff in mobile?

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  • can you tich us how struchre block yorks

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  • me watching the video Also me listening closely Also me realising that it's the airport music from ACNH at 2:14

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  • Bedrock people on number 10 👁👄👁

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  • 9:26 to 10:00, *sad bedrock noises*

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  • Whole Hoppers? I don’t know man sounds like a Hol Horse reference to me

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  • Woah I've been playing Minecraft for years and i didn't even know some of this

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  • Do one for bedrock

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  • this really helps cause I just got java

  • Pfp pic explains every thing about me

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  • All the 19 secret features I used wrong way

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  • The macabre asterisk contrarily live because dress immunohistochemically bang regarding a bent message. macho, courageous mechanic

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  • Having frost walker on your boots also stops magma block damage

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  • I think the magma block thing has always been like that I guess because crouching is like walking carefully so rather than just trampling over hot coles and stepping on the embers, it's more like balancing on the coles

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  • Um you don’t need to do that on the flower with the bonemeal. You can actually dupe them my placing them and breaking them over and over very fast. You have to be in the middle of the flower

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  • no offense but most of this is common knowledge

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  • ehem villegers ehem enchants ehem

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  • nobody: i use andisite all the time

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  • about the last one, torches have a 6 block radius of actually stopping mobs from spawning. So, if there's more than 12 blocks between any 2 torches, then the light level is too low

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  • Fun fact: if u use a firework on your off hand and use a crossbow you will get an arrow from a formwork

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  • Me I knew it's been there for a long time

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  • the crouching on magma blocks is a feature that mojang purposefully put in the game not a bug

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  • Me that plays on bedrock:wow this is worthless

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  • My secret is I pee in the pools to empty my entire bladder and I am not this person

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  • fun fact the magma block shift thing is probably never gonna be patched since the little messages when you are loading a world even say stuff like shift on magma blocks to resist damage

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  • Using a fortune 3 to any two-tall flowers will make it drop more.. mentioned by silentwisperer on his flower farm..

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  • I looked up that debug keys thing on the wiki, but it says it's for java edition only. I'm on bedrock. Is there stuff for bedrock?

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  • The magma block crouch isn’t a bug it’s a feature

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  • I remember that back in 1.2.4. Plants are slowed down if the 4 plants around them are the same. However, 10x10 fields of the same stuff just look better, so that went out of the window...

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  • 4:53 ok, who DIDN'T know this? It's been a common fact that crouching on magma blocks makes you immune to it since magma blocks were added

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  • The chest rename is better for shulker boxes

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  • Shift click:me on ps4 what

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  • Not only does putting a slab on soul soil makes it look better, it will make that line spawnproof. So this is the best thing to use...

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  • the wall one is only 1.16 and im pretty sure it works w pistons+slime blocks. cool idea tho

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  • You are also immune if you have Frost Walker boots

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  • "Minecraft doesn't have a tutorial Thank god" The tutorial world in the old console versions of Minecraft: Am I a joke to you?

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    • Most of this is stuff I knew. am I an OG?

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  • Umm is the debug stick in pe

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  • Did anyone else realize they said stone shovel when they were talking about a wooden one? : )

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  • when you take dmg from magma blocks its actually on purpose and has never been fixed in mutiple versions

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  • 4:58 That is because crouching is "moving cautiously" by stepping on those stones on the magma block, it is not a bug

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