An Antique Rocking Chair Is 1 Odd Find Inside This Man’s Car

26 Jan 2021
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This van is packed to the gills with junk. The gentleman behind the wheel is 85-year-old Ollie St. Jean. The retired engineer says it’s been a decade since the last time he cleaned out his van. It took 2 people 12 hours just to get everything out of it. Inside the van, they found a table, artwork, an antique rocking chair, fishing poles, and prop dynamite. The interior of the van was steam cleaned and disinfected.

  • What my backpack looks inside after the end of school

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  • Wow

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  • “Too bad you can’t come to my house and clean it out” You underestimate Inside’s power, old man

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  • What ALworld channel me this video

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  • EVEN THIS GAS CAN, woooooow

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  • Portable Hoarder

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  • Came here from AMMO NYC

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  • He looks like he’s 60

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  • Ammmooooo

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  • I expected The Detail Geek would clean this van 😐.

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  • holy cow - man with van

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  • “Oh just skooch everything in the back”

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  • Who's here from our favourite detailer Larry

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  • Came here from Larry’s channel. The difference in narration between the two videos is hilarious. 😂 Listening to his is so cringey.

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  • When they wash and clean my van they found a Nuke JK 😂 LOL

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  • Hey isn’t that the man who passed by at night and offered a free ride with candy?

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  • this guy got a museum in his van

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  • Holy cow

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  • "We found a dead body" Guy with Van " Holy Cow!"

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  • ✨🐮hOlY cOw🐮✨

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  • That’s not like some a poor man would say

  • Ok,I'm not even going to ask why it's in there

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  • Lol

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  • I’m subbed to that guys channel

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  • Some of those things were older than that van XD

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  • wait. 12 HOURS just to unload a van? lol wtf

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  • The "1" instead of "one" in the title rustles me internally.

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  • holy cow

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  • Wait he was on Wall Street ?

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  • Larryyyyy

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  • lmao 12 hrs to take everything out a van.. bruh hit the gym

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  • Lol this is news now

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  • If he gets in an accident he’s finished.

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  • Thats sick

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  • You can clean the van but you cant clean the lifestyle

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  • The amount of times he said holy cow 👇

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  • Im not surprised the mold preservation of the paint and clear coat was immaculate.

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  • *everyones dads garage*

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  • And he fill it again

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  • *0:37** like if you saw the oringinal ALworld vid*

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  • لا اله الا الله واستغفر الله

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  • Too bad he didn’t find a holy cow in there.

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  • Holy cow

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  • I watch ammo nyc

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  • HOLY COW!!

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  • This is my neighbor, and the funny thing is if you see his house, you would never say the van looks like that

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  • This makes my car seem clean

    Bryan LiBryan LiMuaj më parë
  • This makes my car seem clean

    Bryan LiBryan LiMuaj më parë
  • This makes my car seem clean

    Bryan LiBryan LiMuaj më parë
  • Holy cow

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  • 1:07 OG things

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  • Daughter: Hey dad I just win a lottery him: *HOLY COW*

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  • It’s like a clown car

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  • Damn and I was thinking about ammo

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  • hell yeah my boy ammo nyc

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  • My question is how come it took 12 hours to clean out one van? I mean come on I know it's dirty, but 12 hours? Really?

    Peter McdougallPeter McdougallMuaj më parë
  • Why didn't you credit the creator. Larry has really good videos. Please credit ammo NYC in the description

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  • I would say ok it's clean now put everything back in

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  • All that junk would turn into shrapnel in a car accident.

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  • My family’s car on a road trip from northern Illinois to Florida:

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  • He doesn’t look a day over 60

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  • He's a hoarder

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  • I bet he's stacking that van all over again 😂

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  • Holy cow

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  • ...kind of like watching Woody get restored in Toy Story 2.

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  • That’s not good if he gets into a car accident.....he could get crushed by all of that stuff

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  • Hoarding is horrible

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  • I hop that is a fack 🧨

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  • How do you have all that valuable stuff in there what

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  • Now it’s going to look the same in a year

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  • Don't call his stuff junk

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  • When does it talk about the rocking chair????

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  • holy cow

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  • I love inside edition

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  • Van-ity👍

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  • I wanna work there omg!! 😨😨

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  • One good deed goes a far way great job ammo nyc 👍👏👌

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  • What’s the point of deep cleaning it? He’s just going to load it with junk to the ceiling by the end of the week.

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  • lmao you can see the van going up 1:01

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  • Larry from AMMO is awesome! He is a legend for taking this car on. Great work🤘

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  • When I hear them say this isn’t your ordinary 12 passenger van I was like I know it’s a KIDNAPER van

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  • I'm interested in this "Holy Cow" that he have mentioned. Is it exists?

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  • I want this done to my ✨ body ✨

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  • Mainly all of that is not junk, i see why he collects it, most of that stuff is worth some money. He just hasnt had the time to sell it yet.

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  • Ammo is a great product and great channel.

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  • I though that van had kids in the back not chairs

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  • “A block of dynamite found inside one mans car” would be much better click bate haha

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  • They basically just polished a rusted out turd

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  • Yea what about the engine

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  • I’m sure that’s not the only odd thing

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  • Holy cow

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  • He needs help. He's a hoarder

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  • cargo van

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  • How’s he getting this stuff home?

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  • Tetris engineering

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  • imagine this van at the mechanic's shop and you need to find the wheel lock

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  • This is clearly staged, for numerous reasons. One example was the newspaper, supposedly from 1955 yet the van is a 2002-2008 model.

    Emperor PenguinEmperor PenguinMuaj më parë