15 Dhj 2020
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I decided to get the @Stokes Twins a bunch of gifts this year and let their luck decide whether they got the cheap or expensive version of the gift! Super fun way to do present exchange :) I definitely did not expect someone to cry, I love these guys so much! Enjoy the video and stay tuned for my next video coming out Sunday.

  • Alex: ima keep thses glasses on the rest of the day rest of the video:not wearing the glasses

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  • Fun facts about twins: One twin always is 2 minutes older or younger than the other. Usually you can tell the difference between identical by a small mark on their face

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  • Haha he needed a gf

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  • Alan- crying bcz he got a phone. Me-crying bcz I don't have a phone .

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  • alex really wanted that iphone 12

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  • Why does alan is the more crybaby than alex

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  • Give me I am mad if you give it to somebody I’ll be super dominant and give everybody to say kids thumbs down

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  • You should have both given them expensive at the end but Lexi your the best person ever! I mean it.

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