25 Jan 2020
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  • LIKE this video if u would want your house filled with these balls😍😂😂

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    • Ofcourse 😍😍

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    • @setare Soltanolkotabi I love you too jk it’s a joke

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  • done

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  • Lexi hensler soon after seeing her friends "Thats a lot of ballz"

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  • This video is one of the best videos I've ever seen😃

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  • dude I was like you did not just do that

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  • 1:31 Wait.....WHAT?

    Martine SansanganMartine SansanganDitë më parë
  • Wait how’d you get out of the house when you put the ball pits

    Ruba Ahmed El Mahal AhmedRuba Ahmed El Mahal AhmedDitë më parë
  • love u and ur sister ur the best youtubers ever

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  • i just got to hawaii i laughing so hard

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  • that would be so hella fun, i want

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  • Please i say don

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  • Meh angwy >:(

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  • Content 6:45

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  • How many ball is there

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  • I really want my house to be filled with balls ❤️ I love these ball and lying down in these oh awsome

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  • wow lexi h loves those balls

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  • 2. Weeks of planning for 10 mins of fun

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  • I want to have my home fill up with ball pit ball

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  • Ok I will do it to mt

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  • I love the AC DC Arosmith and rolling stones sweater

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  • Brent next time use a blue berry😂

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  • I wish but the door open it all the balls come out to say welcome back home

    Kristi SnowKristi Snow5 ditë më parë
  • How they clean all this after😂 I would be so frustrated😂😂😍

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  • I love a bat bred is his har

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  • I love you so much

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  • I thought Andrew said he never had a girl friend

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  • Meme

  • Hello okay how are you

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  • 123 murderall

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  • why does almost every crazy thing they do have to be in a car tho?

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  • that's a lot of balls if you know what i mean 😂😂😂

    Michele EdgerleyMichele Edgerley8 ditë më parë
  • Hi Brent I liked and subscribed to you and your best friends and sisters ALworld chanels I all ways watch you guy on youtube and also my name is Adriana if you wanted to know

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  • I love you 💕😘❤️ ben

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  • When I saw the girl in the back and I heard Andrew’s ex-girlfriend I said to my mom that dude is cray cray

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  • done;)V:)V:) :)

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  • He is so funny.His name is Brent!

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  • i thought andrew never had a gf!!

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  • Done

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  • Filled my house balls

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  • Definitely I want my condo filled with those balls. But I am living in SINGAPORE currently.

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  • Comment down below done

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  • Interesting Andrew always said he never had a gf and here Brent gets 3 exes waaaat

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  • Wow , That would be real fun!!

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  • I am such a big fan

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  • I want to have fun and I would never take out the ball pit balls ever again because it’s just gonna be a whole play place

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  • I love your ALworld videos and Lexi is

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  • No I don’t want my homecoming balls

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  • Yes

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  • 7:20 the bEsT JUmpScAre eVEr

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  • i wanr my house filled with balls and i sub to all your vids

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  • Brent: *puts down title* **freakout! Lexi hensler: this is sick!

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  • You can see the people in the backroud

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  • Wasn’t the card thrower on agt/America’s got talent? I remember him I always watch it in the summer

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  • I Always Wanted to know how it's Feels to Be under ball pit balls

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  • 5:00

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