IF THINGS were PEOPLE | relatable situations by La La Life Emoji

30 Pri 2021
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What if things were people? Would that be funny? Or just annoying? Check it out in our new vid! 🏓 🍴 🧻
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00:00 Thing's plan
00:38 We're moving!
00:48 Backpack
01:24 Useful stuff
01:45 Important books
02:00 Garage sale
02:45 Shower
03:05 Dance with a mop
03:29 A cup's party
03:44 Ping-pong
04:02 Wake up!
04:32 Makeup
05:25 Toilet things
05:54 Charger
06:11 A date
06:40 Something on teeth
07:05 Song for you!
07:43 Selfie
08:07 Something important
08:20 Old stuff
09:36 A present
10:02 Kid's photos
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