Megyn Kelly Talks Matt Lauer, Fox News, Donald Trump, Roger Ailes

29 Nën 2017
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In an interview at Business Insider's IGNITION conference in New York on Wednesday, NBC News' Megyn Kelly talked with Business Insider US Editor-in-Chief Alyson Shontell about leaving Fox News for NBC News, the allegations against Matt Lauer, being called Donald Trump's "chew toy," the lowest point of her feud with the president, regrets for certain comments she's made (we asked if she still thought Santa is white), the details of her alleged sexual harassment by Roger Ailes, and her advice for victims of harassment and assault.
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  • So glad she was shown the door at NBC. She's a mean backstabber who can turn on the hand that's feeding her in an instant.

    TidalWaverTidalWaver2 orë më parë
  • Never give up

    Temitope AdeoyeTemitope AdeoyeDitë më parë
  • Love Megyn.

    Riki RayRiki Ray4 ditë më parë

    XnukedbrainXnukedbrain4 ditë më parë
  • Megan Smelly

    AbdullahAbdullah5 ditë më parë
  • She is incredible. A woman’s and a man’s hero.

    Nicole TrejoNicole Trejo7 ditë më parë
  • Im a great fan of you MKelly. You are one of greatest journalist in this century. Too bad I dont see you much anymore.

    bonaombonaom12 ditë më parë
  • One of the best interviews I've seen in a while. Ms. Kelly is a champ and on point.

    Keith YapKeith Yap12 ditë më parë

    P MP M14 ditë më parë
  • We all lost something tremendously important in the past 4 years, our American values and experience.

    Cher Chu Hai KieuCher Chu Hai Kieu15 ditë më parë
  • Love ❤️ Megan Kelly. Brave woman. Trump can’t have someone like her so he decided to bully. Go Megan. Lots of love ❤️

    BBBRaveBBBRave17 ditë më parë
  • What if it happened years ago? Too late to report?

    Carol BerwindCarol Berwind19 ditë më parë
  • HR does nothing. Not only did I have to put up with a boss like this, but I was also a manager that people reported their abuse too. I tried talking to him, I sat down and unfortunately gave bad advice to steer clear. I called HR, I sat down with other women and called with them. HR came to our store finally after a year of calls... To drug test us all. They never did anything as far as we know. They did end up moving him to another store at one point. I always wondered if he did it there. To make matters worse he was a youth minister outside of work and it was a college town. I was 21 at the time. Now as a grown woman with kids, I wonder what all he was able to get away with.

    WiLinda Ward GordonWiLinda Ward Gordon19 ditë më parë
  • you still don't know anyone in journalism... I mean most of your journalist friends are with Fox right?

    SDwillySDwilly26 ditë më parë
  • Women need to stand up for each other. Unfortunately many see what’s happening and take advantage of the situation to keep other women down.

    Tamara's Tarot VarietyTamara's Tarot VarietyMuaj më parë
  • I quit my job because of woman. I hope she rot

    B MoonB MoonMuaj më parë
  • OMG I LOVE THIS WOMAN! Megyn you are the $hit sweetheart! You've been through some very tough issues (your Dad..I was in tears 😥) and you've done it with the utmost class and ALL their bullshit efforts haven't deterred you IN THE SLIGHTEST!!! Yeardley...darlin YO MOMMA IS SUPERWOMAN AND MY HERO! Seriously...SO IMPRESSIVE Megyn!!!! 💙💥💣👊💙

    Cheryl MooreCheryl MooreMuaj më parë
  • Do people really read these.

    Darlene Kehoe KehoeDarlene Kehoe KehoeMuaj më parë
  • MK hates that hate is hurting her and her families soul.. That hate goes home with you MK. P. DT. Has got the next 4 years and he will do good.. At the end because you have hated so much you will be mentally weak and fiscally played out. P. DT. Is winning not hating.. At the end of the 4 years he will go back playing golf and living in peace.. You will have no peace in your heart. Or mind. You are not taking care) are of your family. FAMILY FIRST NOT HATE. 00

    Darlene Kehoe KehoeDarlene Kehoe KehoeMuaj më parë
  • Nice business plan, slept her way out the who- DOOR- OUT THE DOOR. I bet she screamed loudest when hairplugz came on (to/at) her

    Dave State-61Dave State-61Muaj më parë
  • I think i saw the Shontells at The Apollo (or The Tower in Pittsburgh, maybe).

    Dave State-61Dave State-61Muaj më parë

    Silly GooseSilly GooseMuaj më parë
  • a sellout, a fraud, and a mediocrity: perfect for NBC And also, extremely boring.

    will27nswill27nsMuaj më parë
  • Damn, girl, u rock! Nice to see women like u doing well, influencing things for the better

    Sarah AshraSarah AshraMuaj më parë
  • All women going forward should be taught about predators like Ailes and other men like him and exactly what you should do in a situation where you are being sexually assaulted. Your better off yelling at your predator, tell everyone immediately who will listen what just happened to you; report to your immediate supervisor immediately, call the cops to your work place; cause a scene a really big dramatic scene. When women do this to predators they hate it and they think twice about doing it to others. REMEMBER MAKE A REALLY BIG SCENE!!!

    Leona ForcierLeona ForcierMuaj më parë
  • I think she's beautiful and smart keep your head up Megan you're a brave one I'm proud of you you have one lucky husband God bless and don't quit being brave

    Timothy BeyerTimothy BeyerMuaj më parë
  • Okay I share empathy for her harassments experience at Fox news and the harassments from Trump. But where was her empathy for Presidential Barack Obama who treated her with utmost respect and a true Christian man and good husband.

    nolds33gmail Comnolds33gmail ComMuaj më parë
  • What a beautiful woman! Trump 2020👍

    Truth DetectiveTruth DetectiveMuaj më parë
  • I do not see how any man could like this hard, cold woman.She carries no warmth whatsoever.I cannot express in enough words how despicable so many women think she is.

    Margaret TaylorMargaret TaylorMuaj më parë
  • Megyn Kelly is the dictionary definition of a bimbon.She is an embarrassment to all decent, fair minded woman. I have always despised this miss goody two shoes.

    Margaret TaylorMargaret TaylorMuaj më parë
  • Loved this interview with Megan Kelly.

    jamie jonesjamie jonesMuaj më parë
  • I have binge watched Megyn for the first time today. She is an authentic and unbiased journalist. I think she is a unicorn. Thank you Megyn for such a clear perspective,

    Tracey GouldTracey GouldMuaj më parë
  • Kelly is not Fair towards the best President Trump of All time ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Richard LeRichard LeMuaj më parë
  • Only 1 person can control and deal with Kelly is Donald Trump 🏆🏆🏆❤️❤️❤️❤️🏅🏅🏅 Trump Is the Best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Richard LeRichard LeMuaj më parë
  • a man wanna ya know ...put dem arms round de waist n cuddle up n such

    jimondo mungrusjimondo mungrusMuaj më parë
  • Love Megyn Kelly. Dislike NBC. She is the only one left along with ANNE CURRY THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY BELIEVE. I hope she will get back in the NEWS SO WE CAN ACTUALLY ENJOY LISTENING AGAIN. 🍃🌹🕊

    Sue ArmstrongSue Armstrong2 muaj më parë
  • Megan Kelly has always been a reporter not an easily manipulated pawn that feeds people the feelings of the network. She’s honest that’s probably why she didn’t succeed at NBC. (Things aren’t always what the network claims.)

    Jeff MosserJeff Mosser2 muaj më parë
  • Megan Kelly is a hard nosed, Irish American journalist. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but always a journalist. It has nothing to do with her being Irish, American, or a woman. For better or worst, love her or hate her, it's all about her being a JOURNALIST.

    William AnthonyWilliam Anthony2 muaj më parë
  • "Powerful women need to be there for less powerful women."

    Keelia SilvisKeelia Silvis2 muaj më parë
  • I'm not a fan of MG on a personal level, but I supported her standing up to chump and I support her speaking out about her abuse and harassment in the workplace.

    Lori HanksLori Hanks2 muaj më parë
  • She is so right on every point. Love her.

    N MN M2 muaj më parë
  • great show

    Jack ArouuJack Arouu2 muaj më parë
  • She worked for fox news. Fox news is nothing more than a political propaganda machine. Again I say. She worked for fox news. There for she has no credibility with me.

    Dan McdanielDan Mcdaniel2 muaj më parë
  • She worked for FOX NEWS. FOX NEWS is nothing more than a political propaganda machine. She is well spoken. But I say again. She worked for FOX NEWS. So she has no credibility with me.

    Dan McdanielDan Mcdaniel2 muaj më parë
  • Maybe you could get some real journalism in the US instead of have an incredible free press...problem its owned by big business...thus you may as well not have a free press....

    Catherine CarrollCatherine Carroll2 muaj më parë
  • So gorgeous!

    AMCAMC2 muaj më parë
  • I love her..

    Dianne LopezDianne Lopez2 muaj më parë
  • I didn't really know much about Megyn Kelly. After watching this interview there is a lot about her that is inspirational. I'm 31 and attempting to change careers to a very competitive industry. I've been afraid of the challenge and tentative, but if I can garner her strength and courage I think I can succeed. She totally changed careers at 32 and look where she is at. I also think that regardless of your political leaning we need to start looking at other people as more similar than different. We don't need to agree with everything another person does - otherwise, we would all be one big homogenous blob with no differences. I think we should start seeing each other as equals with differences and respect the things we can still admire in others who are different.

    Katelyn DawnKatelyn Dawn2 muaj më parë
  • Here, after watching bombshell ...

    Andrew PratamaAndrew Pratama2 muaj më parë
  • Megyn Kelly was a poor fit to NBC from the get-go. The only place where she's employable is the one she left: Fox.

    TidalWaverTidalWaver2 muaj më parë
  • i hate you all, i want you dead for robbing me.

    christian smith jrchristian smith jr2 muaj më parë
  • Megyn Kelly has a huge ego - so she is always in command. She does of course pretend to have been mortified or even terrrified - but was never deterred from acting courageously. Megyn is never a victim. Roger Ailies may have used his bully-boy tactics to bed Megyn - but he never stood a chance - and frankly I think he was damn lucky - because Megyn in bed would have destroyed him.

    Ken W. SimpsonKen W. Simpson2 muaj më parë
  • Megyn you believed you needed to have Esq. after your name for men to take you seriously because you are a beautiful woman and men do not take beautiful women seriously. Men are not interested in women who are intelligent, let alone beautiful intelligent women. Men do not take large breasted women seriously. I was once told by a man that men only want women to feed them, F*ck them and leave them alone. I found that statement to be disappointing and sad.

    Danielle AlemanDanielle Aleman2 muaj më parë
  • How could you go from a Fox News to one of the Fake News Networks? Was it all about the money and did you think you sold your soul to the Devil?

    Rick DuplantisRick Duplantis2 muaj më parë
  • Really Megyn, c’mon you and your family though you had ligations threats against you? Do you actually think that you would be in personal danger in your life from then pre President Donald Trump? Sounds a little far fetched me, or did you think some crazed fan of Trump would harm you?

    Rick DuplantisRick Duplantis2 muaj më parë
  • C.

    becky ulreybecky ulrey2 muaj më parë
  • Why the focus on Trump? DC is filled with much bigger targets of sexual harassment and those who protected them.

    Jeff StoneJeff Stone2 muaj më parë
  • And you think the Democrats are going to do a good job at leading the country....I think you should you should roll around in the bathtub in carcinogens

    Lori SalomonLori Salomon2 muaj më parë
  • Dear Megyn, thank you for being such a fearless and strong woman and such a great Mom to your kids! I don’t know how this is going to sit with people but I’m a gay white man who’s now 61 and I grew up in Southern California. In my younger days, I was raped by a man who I knew and later when I was living in LA I was sexually abused by my boss’s boss who I then was able to break the abusive relationship off because the corporation was splitting and he went with the other side of the company. In this age of changing sexual roles, I just wanted to bring up that sometimes even men are now put in the same kind of sexually abusive situations although I didn’t feel the same kind of hopelessness as I’m sure women feel but abuse of power is abuse of power. I admire all of you for coming forward! Aloha!

    Conspiracy of Truth!Conspiracy of Truth!2 muaj më parë
  • I want megyn to be the next president of the united states. She is the best definition of woman empowerment

    AnastasiAAnastasiA2 muaj më parë
  • As soon as I saw Megan's Fingers, I thought She would be a GREAT GUITAR PLAYER!

    banditforluvbanditforluv2 muaj më parë
  • "However, I do feel that in the era of Trump you might as well go stand on the edge of the Pacific and scream at the top of your lungs all day every day."

    Mario zMario z2 muaj më parë
  • I have mad respect for her❤️

    Mario zMario z2 muaj më parë
  • Allahu akbar ! What a woman !

    syed bayezidsyed bayezid2 muaj më parë
  • Roger Aires was a hero

    Spot-on WorldSpot-on World3 muaj më parë
  • Yeah you lose respect, in that moment you feel sub human, you feel like a piece of meat.

    Jane ChiuJane Chiu3 muaj më parë
  • Totally understand where she’s coming from. The confrontation the fear, etc.... nobody talks about what exactly happens, only when you have the imageries do you truly realize how terrifying it is. However men get sexually harassed too, people need to protect people, it’s not just women. We need to remember that.

    Jane ChiuJane Chiu3 muaj më parë
  • I don'´t believe a word this woman says...

    Jay BelliniJay Bellini3 muaj më parë
  • Honestly before watching this I had no idea who she was...I now find myself admiring this woman. As with all "strong women" sadly, they are often disliked and misunderstood! The woman I see here is one to be admired for her ability to learn and grow within a profession that is shady and very often lacks truth at the best of times...Good for you Ms Kelly, and please keep up the good work of finding truth in this messed up world in which we find ourselves today! We need more people like you!!

    Social Justice WarriorSocial Justice Warrior3 muaj më parë
  • 😳 wow, how is he not in jail? he tried to rape her, truly. he must've actually raped others if that was his MO... scary. #SaySomething

    Darius PrinceDarius Prince3 muaj më parë
  • She's a Man hater daddy issues. She set out as a Man eater a predator

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • You led every man on. Time to be honest. We survivors call you fake victim news. You wanted a settlement. Liar

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • I used to admire you until I realized you seduced your way to take down powerful men. Daddy issues

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • You were making false aligations and taking your history out on another married man. Disgusting

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • Trying to sell her book movie because she was done destroying marriages

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • A prick tease for ball busting. We old school women have met her in every office.

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • Now Trump bashing. Be did nothing but she's a whore

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • She set out to destroy men she's a predator. A Man hater. Why go to office alone

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • Makes it hard for others.

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • She teased all bosses.

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • You can walk.You can firmly say knock it the hell off. She wanted the money sold her sexuality to seduce weak men. Just say no

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • She had taken down married men she's a predator.

    suziq113suziq1133 muaj më parë
  • Megyn thought she was going to upset Trump's election! Stupid fat pig!!

    Richard warrenRichard warren3 muaj më parë
  • Strong woman. Very inspiring

    Hunter BlessedHunter Blessed3 muaj më parë
  • I thino Mehyn was awesome andi applaud her for not being suppressed. I shall follow Mehyn because she is an inspiration to you g girls and women whose jobs are held to ransom by over sexed bosses. Well done Megyn

    Marina Teresa AlvesMarina Teresa Alves3 muaj më parë
  • She's so well spoken!! I adore Megyn!

    Juliana LopezJuliana Lopez3 muaj më parë
  • Megyn Kelly has always been a lefty. Like the rest of the media.

    Determined OneDetermined One3 muaj më parë
  • Two smart , lovely women !

    Shashi JainShashi Jain3 muaj më parë
  • bring back meaghan kelly to fox!!!

    BarbieBarbie3 muaj më parë
  • yeah right... first she did sexual favors for benefits and promotions and what not..... and when it was convenient she decided to call it harassment.... gtfo!

    Bird Lover IndiaBird Lover India3 muaj më parë
  • When you've gone through so much in the entertainment business, even the very meek becomes Stronger than a lion. This is a Great interview.

    Donna Allen TVDonna Allen TV3 muaj më parë
  • Megyn tried to put Trump in his place...Too she is lying about knowing about Laur . . No respect for Megan

    Brenda SearsBrenda Sears3 muaj më parë
  • You may or may not agree with Megan Kelly but she is one strong woman and that's a fact!

    MMChozaMMChoza4 muaj më parë
  • Human Resources is not working at any level for workers. Workingmfor Bombardier in México is one of the worst experiences ever

    Yeyecatzin OrtegaYeyecatzin Ortega4 muaj më parë
  • First remove your shoes and smack them on their face and scream at the predator and walk out from the room.

    Treesa MichaelTreesa Michael4 muaj më parë
  • Good on you Kelly for stand ing up to bullies like Trump, the sad thing with him, he gets others to carry out his devilish job, he is such evil and a real coward, he was ashamed of being questioned as such being that pervert, what goes around comes around, what a dirty man he still is.., he belongs in jail.....

    TheMighty GrowlTheMighty Growl4 muaj më parë
  • A good long sniff?

    DaveDave4 muaj më parë
  • You are the best Megyn, I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself and all women. I always knew you to be a very strong lady and you have really proved it. Wow I am so impressed, I must say I feel the presence of God around you.

    LMCLMC4 muaj më parë
  • How did i not see this untill now?

    Mary DiamondMary Diamond4 muaj më parë
  • I’ve always been a fan of Megyn’s. Even when others didn’t ... I go by my inter voice. Not those of others.

    Lugina BrownLugina Brown4 muaj më parë