Fun Day In A Parallel World | HOW TO BECOME POPULAR In Reverse School by La La Life

5 Pri 2021
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Everything is so weird in a parallel universe, even school!🙃 Everyday problems don’t exist anymore 💃 you don’t have to study or pay 💶 for the things you want!😃 Parallel universe is soooo cool! Or not? 🚀Let’s check it out in the NEW EPISODE by La La Life Musical
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00:19 Girls problems
00:20 Weird lesson
01:16 School cafe
02:05 Shopping time
02:47 Good night
03:41 Mom vs me
04:27 Weird diet
05:14 Angry mom
06:08 My crush
07:07 First date
08:18 What it's like to be a foodie
08:52 My best friend
09:09 Weird World
09:40 Monster under the bed
09:55 Back to normal
#fun #comedy #girls
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  • Would you spend a day in that world?

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    • YAss

      S̸T̶R͟ik̥ͦ乇 A NEȎ̈N̆̈ r͟e҉d҈ ρANᗪaS̸T̶R͟ik̥ͦ乇 A NEȎ̈N̆̈ r͟e҉d҈ ρANᗪa31 minutë më parë
    • Yes but you can see that you have a good time to do it is a good idea for the rest to get you to get your friend to do something about your life or your friend but if it really doesn't matter you will have a good chance

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  • Wow La La Life OMG!!

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  • I don't know what to do it for you

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  • Kids don’t throw tantrums when they have to go to school

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  • LOL doll is going swimming LOL doll LOL doll way

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  • LOL doll is going to the swimming pool seriously

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  • I sow mom

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  • I am extremely disappointed on what kids born in 2013 and up has to grow up on.

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  • I just like it so much ❤️

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  • What is like opset

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    • It's like opset DAY

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  • Why did she say nooooooooooo?

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  • What is wrong with her teeth??

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    • Lillys

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  • I love seeing she's playing with ivy in one video like a best friend.

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  • Of course I will

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  • lily.i hate you.lily.i'm so okay.lily.realy?.me.yea.lily.tanks problem

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  • My sister is name is ivy but

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  • Ivy has grown up

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  • I love your videos but stop saying the F Word in some videos

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  • I don’t know how many tries it took them to eat the orange peel without gagging and spitting it out it must took like 10 tries to not make a single squeal

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    • Hi

      Joshua SmithJoshua Smith19 orë më parë
  • That world is awesome beacus if you're late the teacher dous not get mad only gets exited ivy is yvi awesome but every one in school is veagen and they think vegtavols are junk food but they think junk food are vegtavols and you're mom douse not want to go to work wow and if you eat junk food you weight go's Dawn but in real life you're weight go's up

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  • When I go to the restaurant you need to pay but in reverse it’s fine

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