Rich Pregnant vs Broke Pregnant

22 Jan 2021
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If Food Were People/ You Are What You Eat!:
Agree that not denying yourself anything is much more pleasant than saving in everything. Especially when you're pregnant!
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  • Was the poor person pregnant??

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  • Rich

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  • Nice fake doll

  • I know why she didn’t find anything in the cupboard it’s the glass cupboard oh yeah shall eat some glass

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  • I'm. Pregnant

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  • her: craving something unusual, Her: picks regular blue cheese when there was a diamond egg next to it

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  • I choose broke bc even though she didn't have any money she never gave up on her baby, family, or her pregnancy and I like how she gave her shirts up to make sure that the baby had clothes on its body.👨‍👩‍👧 Also i learned a lesson that everyone probably dont have anything and be happy for what you have. The order:👰🤰🤱👼 What it mean:married,pregnant,have baby,and baby turns 1yrs old

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