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I thought it would be fun to put a bunch of countries in each room of my house! we had a mariachi band, taco stand, sushi chef, hula dancer, and a crazy Italian! Also, since its valentines day I had to set up a little date for my two best friends...and third wheel the entire time! Hope you guys enjoy this video!

  • 8:04 I knew he was gonna say that

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  • Ben's juss over there laying himself

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  • 4:22-4:23 lol

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  • 4:23 lol

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  • I love how Brent went batcrap crazy 😂😂😂 9:34 Brent : 😐

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  • Brent was like so wassup she is gone its just us 😉

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  • Love you iPhone is so cute

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  • I love your merch it is so cute

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  • Omg I laughed when Brent said at the end “Well I guess it’s just u and me😏” to Lexi🤣🤣🤣.

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  • Lexi Hensley sei in migliore- in Italian

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  • Lexi no definetley not for me this is for you guys. Also Lexi: eating 99% of the popcorn

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  • I laughed so hard when logan danced and shook his booty

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  • Hi pierson ur aloud to meet a japanese person right now BEACOUSE HEY I AINT EXCIST FOR NOTHING

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  • How do I pay if I live in the uk

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  • Brent be like I guess it’s just mean and u. Me be like holy moly POOR PEIRSON she missed out on work for nothing

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  • i love your clothing line!!!

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  • Love your vids

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  • Brent: What are yOu doing here? Pierson: I love here! I think.. 🤔

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  • I love Valentines Day!

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  • Did she break up with Christian?

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  • Does anyone else feel like the other Lexi is barely in this Lexi’s video’s.

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  • I love the phone

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  • What did they do next hehe 🍆

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  • I ♥️ you Lexi

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  • Los TACOS 🌮

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  • Soy Mexico, !!!!!!!

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  • Peirson: why are u here?? Brent: why are u here?? Peirson: well I live here..... I think Loving the videos lexi Lama love 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Brent cheated on pierson

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  • happy valentines day by the way hope you find a man Pierson it's probably Brent

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  • I want it so bad...the iphone

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  • When lexi travelled the world but in her house and finished recording it must have token to long to clean up anyways "Done"

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  • Persons brother is so funny 😂😍😜😊

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  • Own owa!

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  • I love you and your videos.

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  • I was singing along

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  • My valentine was my friend PIZZA LOL JK HAHA

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  • Lexi i love your videos

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  • You’re the best

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  • Lexi please can you give me a phone please I want one I only have a iPad please please

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  • Brent: I guess it's just me and you Me: brexi ??

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  • I GuEeS iT’s JuSt Me AnD yOu!

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  • It is so fun to watch you like when I am having Bad day I always come watch your channel it’s just so fun to watch

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  • What have a just witnessed at the end😐😐

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  • the last one was unexpected😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Can we talk about her face at the end????

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  • Brent and Lexi singing together adorable

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  • Brent:I guess it's just me and u Lexi: what Me:😳

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  • When Brent said "it's just me and you" ,at the end GURL I MY HEART LIKE STOPPED

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  • What is Lexi said that he deserve the world

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