Whatever You Build, I'll Pay For! ($10,000)

16 Jan 2021
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Whatever You Build in Minecraft, I'll Pay For! ($10,000) ft. @FaZe Jarvis
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  • jarvis said 8.5 for most of them

    FRIXXZY YFRIXXZY Y3 ditë më parë
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    Joseph DrummondJoseph Drummond3 ditë më parë
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    Gamer DynamicsGamer Dynamics5 ditë më parë
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    Harry WatsonHarry Watson5 ditë më parë
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    Jinxi MainJinxi Main5 ditë më parë
  • When you said guess the building I know it is it’s a PS five I love your videos they’re cool do this one last one to drink all the feels in two minutes

    Nikia HallNikia Hall6 ditë më parë
  • They forgot to look at the PS5

    Dcarmine KingDcarmine King6 ditë më parë
  • This is how many times he said 8.5 👇🏼

    GranularGiant15GranularGiant156 ditë më parë
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    Comrade Russian robot ッComrade Russian robot ッ7 ditë më parë
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    Tamarray ColemanTamarray Coleman8 ditë më parë
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    Monica VerliMonica Verli8 ditë më parë
  • Jarvis: I’m going to give this one an 8.5 Me: bro everything you voted was an 8.5

    AshclapsAshclaps8 ditë më parë
    • Not everyone he voted 3 and a 9

      Ghoul TrooperGhoul Trooper5 ditë më parë
  • You say I get a prize okay bet it’s a ps5 🙏

    Jalen BarnesJalen Barnes8 ditë më parë
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  • Frazier your laugh lol 0:52

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  • jarvis this whole vid 8.5

    EMT BLOBEMT BLOB9 ditë më parë
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    Cross GamesCross Games10 ditë më parë
  • Did he just forget the GINORMOUS PS5 HOW COULD YOU MISS THAT

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    Corey WatsonCorey Watson11 ditë më parë
  • why only 8.5

    azim aliazim ali11 ditë më parë
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